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ePublisher – The Next-Generation Digital Publishing Platform!

ePublisher is your one-stop digital publishing platform for comprehensive online publishing solutions. When everything is going digital in today’s world, how can your content stay behind in exploring the digital horizons? Be it your digital magazines, leaflets, ebooks, trade-magazines or anything else on your mind, ePublisher is the right online publishing platform to give wings to your dreams. With customized & branded kiosk apps under your name, we offer technology in your hands to connect with steadily growing mobile user base. Utilizing our cross-platform kiosk apps, get published online like never before.

Go digital with the pdf publishing feature and access your content on any device, anywhere. Upload publications at the click of a button. Add bookshelf to your website, send push notifications to your readers without leaving the platform – an enriching experience ever! Established publishers have already started using our online book publishing platform, want to be the next?


ePublisher provides all types of magazine publishers with the optimal solution. For publishers that see completely new business models in digital publishing all relevant functions are available in the ePublisher solution. Almost all business models are supported, and all types of content can be offered to your customers. Sell articles in any business model you can think of, offer full digital magazines (completely secure) or enrich pdf publications using the creator (link to creator page). If you just want to add a distribution method for your physical publications, you can just upload and distribute the pdf version.
Solutions are available for one single brand, multiple brands of multiple brands from multiple publishers. For all solutions additional services are available like connecting to subscription services


About ePublisher - Publishing Solutions Made Digital!

ePublisher has strong footprints in the online publishing industry in Europe that step beyond 2010. Formally launched as an independent company in 2014, we have ignited a digital revolution in the publishing industry. We have started our journey before the first iPads were launched in Europe and are unlocking new success heights every single day since then. Though ePublisher operates from a small-country, Netherlands, but we have dominated the major portion of digital space globally in the publishing market.

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