ePublisher BV was founded in 2014, but the solution has been available since 2010, even before the first iPad’s were available in Europe. The ePublishing application has been improved by our development team since 2010 and will be improved continuously. ePublisher will always fulfill the needs of their customers. ePublisher is located in the Netherlands, but the ePublisher solution is used all over the world.
We believe in standardization. The ePublisher solution is standardized, but flexible. This makes it easy and affordable to maintain, but keeps the possibility to adjust the apps to your corporate identity.

We have our own development team, working with dedication on the ePublisher solution. Just to make sure we will remain the best digital publishing solution available. A highly motivated team that wants to deliver the best solution for you!

Our development team can connect any external system to the ePublisher application if desired. This can be membership systems, content delivery systems, access and entitlement systems and much more.

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Our mission

Keep digital publishing simple, usable and connected to the demand of current time, without losing future development out of sight.

Our vision

Physical distribution of magazines and books will be a niche market in 2025, the majority will read publications digitally.