The powerful administrator panel makes it easy to manage and monitor everything on the ePublisher platform. Keep everything under control using the admin panel that comes with our digital publisher application. Manage your subscribers, create new records with minimal input and a few clicks. Check the usage and download within seconds. Does that sound useful? It’s really worth trying it out. Importing and exporting subscribers is as easy as loading . CSV format from your local drive to the ePublisher account.

Manage your account’s account activity with ease. For example, check the downloaded expenses of last month, see when your users are logged in or have activated their account, check what your audience has downloaded, check the number of devices your customers have used and so on! Managing tasks on ePublisher is convenient, so feel free and just enjoy the ePublisher administrator privileges. Just use the user-friendly tools in the creator or ask for custom searches. EPublisher can quickly add desired features to your admin panel at your request.