Analytics tools

Get statistics from your kiosk app by using the creator. The statistics of your apps can be

found in Google analytics, ITunes store, Google Play store and the Creator.

Google Analytics:

The statistics on how the client is using the apps can be found in Google analytics. Most publishers know how this works, because most websites already use these statistics.

iTunes and Google play stores:

The statistics about the app downloads can be found in these accounts.

A summary of the available options:
– Download statistics on how many times your app has been downloaded in a specific period.
– Where people have downloaded the app, so where is the user located.
– Which platforms, versions or devices did the user use to download the app.
– How many items purchased in the app have been paid in your app.

The Creator

The data on how many publications were downloaded over time can be found in the creator. Also the new subscriptions and used member-codes.

This way all the analyzable data is provided in the most correct way.

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