Business Models Supported On ePublisher!

The most important question that most publishers ask is, “How can we make money using digital publishing platform?” This answer might be easier than you think. Most publishers hesitate to go for online publishing for the various reasons. However, don’t forget that you lose a big chunk of revenue onto the hands of your competitors if you keep delaying this key decision. Wondering how? Remember, the profits will go in favor of a publisher who has a strong digital presence, so getting started online is the best thing a publisher can do to flourish his business and earn profits eventually. Of course, we would always be there to support you in making more out of this business.

At ePublisher, we have several business models that you can imagine to get you started the way you want in the digital publishing world. A powerful feature that you will hardly find on any other digital publishing platform. Don’t know which is an appropriate business model for you to put your first leap in the digital publishing? Don’t get worried as we can also advise you to pick the right business model close to your business needs. Even if you ask us for 99 percent change in the business models listed, we will customize and deliver it exclusively for you.


  • All you can read.
  • Few articles free, then paid.
  • Free, but login required.
  • Free and premium articles in one list.
  • One category free, others paid.
  • Sell prepaid articles.
  • Pay per article.
  • Sell article category based subscriptions.
  • Few articles free as teaser, then paid.
  • Subscribe for an amount of articles a month.


  • All you can read.
  • Pay per publication.
  • Subscribe to one brand.
  • Subscribe to multiple/ all brands.
  • Subscription without back issues available.
  • Subscription with the latest back issue available.
  • Subscription with all back issues available.
  • Free publications.
  • Free publications after registration.

Or combine one of the above.

Apart from the above mentioned business models, ePublisher, the advanced online publishing platform, also gives you a lucrative opportunity to operate in any business model that you want. We don’t want to put a tab on your earnings, this is the reason, we offer you to club any business model with the other to boost your chances of making profits. Just tell us what you need and we would serve you that unique publishing solution in your preferred business model right to your table.