Cascade NV

“Cascade Publishing, publisher of popular magazines in both print and digital publications.
PUBLISHER CASCADE is the publisher of this magazine:

EOS, the magazine of choice for anyone who presents themselves how-and-why-questions, with interesting news, trend surveys and special interviews with scientists. All in an accessible and visual language rich way brought to our readers.

PSYCHE & BREIN is the only magazine on the Dutch market that science and psychology around our brains take in provocative ways.

PRIMO magazine & TVgids has rapidly from a small guide with pure TV programming has become a full-fledged magazine that every week more than 100,000 copies sold in Flanders. Important pillars, in addition to the comprehensive television news, the practical sections and gripping stories, paying particular attention to soap operas and cycling. And all (164 pages) at the lowest price!

FOR GIRLS ONLY is a tough one mom’s proof monthly magazine for girls aged 8 to 12 years. It is a Flemish version of the popular Dutch nurses and linked to the successful book series in Flanders “”For Girls Only ‘.”


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