Make money with your content digitally?

Knowing with 95% certainty that your reader is watching your edition?

95% certainty that your reader is looking at your edition, is that possible? Yes, this is possible. It is even quite simple. If you have your own digital kiosk, you have the option to send push messages. Sending a push message ensures that 95% of the users open the application. (Because there is an annoying one in the corner that has to go, you recognize that) At that moment someone who is interested in your kiosk and sees your last edition to download. You can send a push message via the ePublisher system. ePublisher even goes one step further. You can of course send what you want at any time, including “happy holidays” or such a message. You can also send messages based on a query. So for example “send in 3 days, everyone a message that has not yet downloaded the edition published today, while he already has the previous edition” or “send everyone a message that has never downloaded anything” and so there are many more options.

How can you convert old content into money?

With many publishers the archive is a neglected child. It is known that it is valuable, but how to deal with it is not clear. Often an archive is not easily searchable and can not easily be reused or sold. ePublisher can help you with this! Convert from PDFs to individual articles, to selling this content via your own and / or third-party channels such as ANP, Blendle, Lexus Nexus and others.

From last editorial control to your reader in 5 minutes?

Processes such as these exist in the print are digitally faster and easier. After the publication has been found 100% approved and can go to the printer, there is another period in which it is printed and sent. Digitally this period is only 5 minutes if you want. Of course you can also choose to have the edition come online later, if you would like to have the print earlier or directly on the mat or in the store.

Automatically a searchable articles archive from your PDF?

The ePublisher systems also give you the possibility to extract the articles directly from your PDF and to save them as a separate article. This ensures that you can click on an article in the PDF to read it better (especially on phones a nice option), but this also ensures your own articles database. Fully searchable and also ready to offer to third parties, or for internal use. Due to the advanced way of extracting articles, direct styling can also be applied, so that the clickable article has (almost) the same feeling as your made-up page in the PDF.

Complete subscription / subscriber management system for free?

If you already have or use a great subscriber management system, ePublisher offers the possibility to link it to your own kiosk. However, if you do not have this or are not satisfied, you can use the ePublisher subscriber management system. This is completely free if you are a customer and is easy to use. You can use this for the digital business, but also your physical subscribers can be lost here.

Digital does not yield enough!

We often hear this from publishers, but other publishers have a very good turnover / margin digitally and see the future there. How is this?

Replaces digital print currently, no that usually does not. Print, however, is in most cases a downward trend, while digital is growing. Investing in a growth market seems more sensible than in a declining market. The most important question is, how are we going to do this with the people we have? Therein is the answer “cooperation”. If ‘digital’ is added to someone in the task package, the chance of success is not very high. Digital is a part that, like all other parts, must be approached seriously. Nor will you, because someone of the editors is ill for a long time, stop writing content in the tasks of the ICT department or the administration. Unfortunately, that is often the reality of the digital process.

At ePublisher, we also understand that the means and opportunities are not everywhere to hire a new department with qualified people. At ePublisher we offer you a middle way for this. ePublisher has created the “CarePack” for this purpose. For a fixed amount per month we help you to implement and roll out a digital strategy. Because ePublisher consists mainly of online oriented marketers who have been in the publishing world for 12 years, we think we can help you with this. The Carepack ensures that your employees are informed, trained, supervised and monitored when it comes to digital implementation.

News from ePublisher

Since q4 2017 ePublisher has been represented with an office in Madrid Spain. The first publishers are very enthusiastic and are very surprised by the possibilities. The first 4 publishers that we went to with the Dutch division all want to start. That is of course great news for us and all customers. The more users, the more room for development of new features and functions.

Newest ePublisher features

For features that were already there, it is best to visit the website at htp: // and watch the video. Some new features in the ePublisher system;


  • Publish the edition directly on the social media channels after uploading
  • Send postponed push messages, e.g. certain conditions
  • Business model ‘time-bound access’ (eg a day access to everything for € 5)
  • Article extraction from pdf with styled articles.
  • Automatic tagging / segmentation of articles
  • Publish in advance
  • Use filters on the magazines.
  • Create subscriptions for your customers
  • Read location based

Do you want to know which functionalities are interesting for you? Click here and we will contact you as soon as possible