Gooise Poort ICT BV

“Gooi Gate ICT consists of eight highly motivated professionals, each having at least 15 years of IT experience. Most members of the team have been working together for 10 years, making it a solid, extremely well-oiled to each group. The combined knowledge and experience results in a very large impact. Keywords are: driven, no-nonsense, results-oriented, innovative, quality and value for money.

Gooi Gate ICT likes to think along with the development of your website and the design of your content management system. In the past we have been able to help many customers through their CMS in such a way that they are less dependent on external suppliers. The result was a better-maintained website with continuously changing content.

Gooi Gate ICT have a lot of experience in building custom applications. So she has specific call center solutions, customer contact systems and back office applications made.

The roots of Gooise Gate ICT will come from application development for insurers. We are therefore better than anyone accustomed to working at the highest possible security level. We are familiar with auditing, the highest programming standards, version control and fallback measures. This means we can not only be used as a builder, but also to lift as external expert for example, code review, or within existing security systems to the highest level.

Net is an application framework for the benefit of the seamless integration of applications and libraries written in different programming languages. .Net Is Microsoft based systems framework. Gooi Gate ICT are experts in .Net. The developers of Gooise Gate have experience with .Net version 1.0 to the latest version. In most cases, is programmed in the language C #, often there is thereby also made of Microsoft SQL server databases.”


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