How We Do It?

ePublisher redefines your publishing experience that goes flawless with Kiosk apps. Experience the powerful content publishing using publishing apps that set us aside from the other traditional digital publishing platform. What are the perks of associating with us as a publisher? Endless possibilities, best user-experience, flawless content publishing of any type and much more. You can opt for the basic Kiosk app, advanced Kiosk app or advanced Kiosk app with database publishing. Need more? We have got “The Creator” for a hassle-free PDF enriching, API, social media integration, Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting and much more to help publishers grow their business like never before.

The rich features available on ePublisher platform are developed for an easy publishing experience for an ROI driven publisher like you. Learn more about the features and functions that help us contribute to a rewarding publishing experience ever!

Apps for IOS, Android Phones and Tablets

ePublisher brings the best in digital publishing to take your business to the new heights. We have got Kiosk apps for you that will help you get access to every features requisite for the online publishing. Our publishing apps can help your content perform better on any device. That means, the solution will never crash even if there are major technological updates. We have got native apps, exclusively developed for your device platform. Achieve an optimal performance for your online publications which would be sustainable for any future update.

HTML5 Magazine and Article Webreader

Achieve the best out of ePublisher using our HTML5 Magazine and article webreader. Publish your digital magazines using HTML5 technology. The webreader lets your audience access your content on any device, no matter how small or big their device is.

The Creator

“The Creator” tool provided on ePublisher can redefine the way you add and enrich your PDF publications. Add articles in just a few clicks of your mouse, adding content is as easy as that. Send push notifications to your customer’s device. Manage your customers, get an insight into statistics and much more. Creator tool has been created to handle things that every publisher dreams of.

Social Media Integration

ePublisher solution acknowledges the immense benefits of associating with the social media. Integrate your Facebook account with our solution to gain customers right from the Facebook. You can share your recent publications, articles and other content using the rich feature of “Social Media Integration”.


The API that ePublisher has created gives you the possibility to integrate with almost any system that you are already using. That means, you will need not to bother to maintain the same data twice. Connect to your subscription services, connect to your CRM, connect to your CMS, or whatever you want to connect. There is a lot more to achieve from the API functions. ePublisher also offers multiple import and export functions, so the API is not necessary in this case. However, it is a good option to keep manual labor away.

Advertisement Platform

The ePublisher platform enables you to add advertisements of any kind. Feel free to advertise through the images, videos, spoken texts, links, animations and more. You may add these advertising elements within your PDF publications, within articles, between magazines and articles, on multiple positions in your ePublisher solution. ePublisher gives a kick-start to your advertisement campaign with a liberty to place your ADs, almost anywhere in the solution.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting

At ePublisher, we aim to give you a smooth experience while using our Kiosk apps and other solutions. This is why we have hosted our solution on Microsoft Azure cloud hosting that delivers a seamless experience for your audience. Rest assured that your brand is in safe hands. It works flawlessly to host your apps and publishing business, so that your audience can enjoy uninterrupted browsing and downloading even in the peak hours.

Strategic Advice for Digital Transformation

Feeling that you are not making any profit from your traditional publishing venture? Consult us to change the way you conduct the publishing business. Our strategic advice could revolutionize the way you operate your business and align it with digital technology to turn benefits in your favor.

Location Based Functions

At ePublisher Solution, we acknowledge the issues faced by digital publishers while carrying out their business activities. The wider the area of your business operations, the bigger the challenges. For instance, dealing with audiences who hail from different regions could be a daunting task at times due to difference in their native languages. This is why we give you liberty to change the language, pricing and even the content to meet the evolving needs of your customers.