Social Media Integration

ePublisher aims to be the globe’s most inspiring digital publishing platform. This could be only possible by integrating with the leading social media platforms due to a large user base of social media users. We offer you every functionality that helps you reach the masses and creates impacts in your publishing business. We understand that without grabbing an enormous amount of eyeballs of the audiences, your content is nothing good for your business. To accomplish it, we have given you the leverage of social media sharing right from the ePublisher solution. Just integrate your Facebook account with ePublisher once and share your publication links, articles, single pages and more, right from the ePublisher.

Now, perform every single social media sharing of your newly published content without leaving ePublisher solution, right from any device. Using our digital publishing platform, you can perform a no. of tasks including, but not limited to:

Social Media Sharing of Publication Links!
Social Media Sharing of Articles!
Social Media Sharing of Single Pages!
Integrate Your Facebook Login With ePublisher & Use it Flawlessly For Social Media Sharing!

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