The Creator

ePublisher uses “The Creator”, a powerful tool to add and enrich your publications at the click of a button. This tool lets you add articles and manage your customers in a hassle-free way like never before. Send push notifications to your readers at the click of a button. Create embed codes and use ePublisher APIs, get statistics for every activity on our digital publishing platform and much more. Manage every activity on ePublisher using “Creator”. It’s a perfect online tool that makes digital publishing easier and is always available on the cloud. Use “Creator”, a revolutionary tool to independently publish your publications to your opted Kiosk apps and browser Kiosk. Take a look below at its features:

Upload pdf, egrf, xml, rss repub and more!

Upload digital publications to ePublisher solution in the numerous formats. That’s the convenience of using ePublisher. We support f.e. PDF, EGRF, XML, RSS, RePub formats. Uploading process won’t consume your much time. It also depends on the size of your file and your Internet’s uploading speed. Add as many files as you want on ePublisher!Read More » »

Enrich Publications

Enriching a publication is a convenient process on ePublisher that would never make you sweat. Unleash the full potential of your digital publications using our Creator tool, exclusively developed to create powerful publications to blow up the mind of your readers. It lets you create elements like video, slideshows, animations., links and much more, for an enchanting enriching experience ever.Read More » »

Promotional Tools, Embed Codes

Get the access to promotional tools that make using ePublisher a breeze. Embed bookshelves into your existing website and use APIs to achieve the most out of your digital publishing experience. Get subscription services appear on your website with just a simple embedding of codes. Digital publishing is simpler than ever, just use tools from “The Creator”.Read More » »

Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your customers directly into their phone screens. They will need not to install any special application to receive your push notifications. Convey your messages straight into their Smartphone screens even when their device’s screen is locked. You may want to grab this lucrative opportunity to get a broader reach for your content.Read More » »

Statistics f.e.

Use Statistics to reveal everything that’s going on in your ePublisher account. For example, you may want to see, how many unique visits you have got in a month, how many sales you have made in a specified time, how much profits you have earned among various others. Reveal all this information with stats using Firebase, Google analytics & Google tag manager.Read More » »

App FAQ Management

It’s always better to squeeze down the no. of support questions that your readers have in their mind about your App. This is where APP FAQ management can help, quenching their thirst to know more about the App usage. Feel free to add & edit the frequently asked questions in the App FAQ Management. It will help cut down the long telephonic calls and frequent emails from your customers for getting answers to their basic questions.Read More » »

File Manager

Use the in-built file manager to manage your images, videos, slideshows, sounds, etc. in ePublisher solution. The file manager gives you full control for managing your digital publications on the ePublisher in the most convenient way.Read More » »

File Optimization

Optimize your files for a better performance on ePublisher solution, the next generation digital publishing platform. Use our file optimization feature to resize your files to an optimum size for a better performance. Give it a try!Read More » »


Keep things under your control while using ePublisher. With an easy to use administration panel, monitoring every function on ePublisher comes like a breeze. No matter if you need to manage your subscribers, make new registrations, import or export your subscribers in .CSV format or perform any other important task as everything comes handy on ePublisher.Read More » »


Using “Creator”, you can easily categorize your files. Categorize your digital content according to the categories that you want. Digital publishing goes easy with ePublisher solution. We let you equip with every tool that help you categorize your content into the categories of your choice. It helps a lot when you have thousands of content files published in your account.Read More » »


At times, when you have thousands of files under your branded app, your audience may find it difficult to filter files according to their preference. This is where, the “Filtering” option could help your readers to filter the content to their preferred type. This will narrow down the search to the files of your audience interest.Read More » »


With the search bar provided in the ePublisher, it’s easy to locate things in no time. The “Search” option helps when your readers quickly want to locate the files of their interest without the inconvenience of locating them manually. Don’t worry if you have hundreds of published files on ePublisher, your audience can locate them using the search bar provided. Read More » »

Offline Available

What could be the best for a publisher than the audience carrying his content in their pockets? That’s the feature worth an appreciation, only a leading digital publishing platform like ePublisher can offer. Using our solution, your audience can download your published content and take it with them in the offline mode wherever they go. Read More »Read More » »

Update of New Version Document Required (Optional)

The moment you update your old content on ePublisher, the system will automatically overwrite the changes with the new ones. You would no longer see the old version of the file that you have just updated. This feature lets you use ePublisher without any confusion and would help you make the system fool-proof by avoiding the chances of mistakes. Read More » »

Login System

The customer login system in the ePublisher solution is as comprehensive as you might expect from a leader in digital publishing solution like this. Since, it is equipped with contemporary digital publishing features, almost everything is possible on our platform. Users don’t even need to login if you do not want that, but if you do, you can ask for almost anything you want. If you are already using a login, we can connect that also using the API.Read More » »

Google Tag Manager

ePublisher is power-packed with rich features that set apart your publishing experience to a level worth appreciating. Our easy digital publishing platform brings you the best solution that eliminates hassles out of website tagging – Google Tag Manager. Simplest tag management that will make filtering things easier than ever.Read More » »

Google Analytics!

At ePublisher, we are committed to revealing every single activity that’s happening on your ePublisher account through statistics. This is the prime reason, our publishing solutions are integrated with Google Analytics to showcase every single activity to you pertaining to your account. It could be your daily/monthly unique customer visits, clicks on your Ads, demographics of your best customers, what customers are searching on your publishing solution or any other activity that’s happening in your ePublisher account.Read More » »


ePublisher is integrated with Google Firebase, the industry’s well-known app analytical solution. Just signed up on ePublisher for publishing apps? Double your charm with powerful decision making, leveraging the accurate insights from Firebase. Using Firebase on ePublisher, nothing will be left hidden from you, be it about user insights of recent acquisitions or app usage by the customers.Read More » »

Database Publishing – Articles Module

Get benefited from our exclusive database publishing features on our ultra-modern digital publishing platform. Using database publishing, articles module on ePublisher platform, you will be able to monetize your content by offering articles directly to your customers.Read More » »

Manage articles

The Advanced Kiosk app with database publishing, also offer the possibility to add articles real time to the apps. These articles can be managed within the creator.

Although we often import these articles from an RSS feed, XML or SOAP connection from an existing database of the publisher. It is just as easy to add these articles to the app using the creator.Read More » »