Enriching a publication is a convenient process on ePublisher that would never make you sweat. Unleash the full potential of your digital publications using our Magazine Creator tool, exclusively developed to create powerful publications to blow up the mind of your readers. It lets you create elements like video, slideshows, animations, links and much more, for an enchanting enriching experience ever.

The magazine creator unlocks a gamut of possibilities on ePublisher. It allows you to add an extra interactive layer on top of your PDF publication. Using this feature, you can add YouTube videos, sounds, images, slideshows, animations, time lapses, email links, external links, internal links and many other features. The Magazine creator is ‘What you see is what you get’ tool. Just simply drag and drop your extra elements at the correct position and your publication will be ready to blow your audiences’ mind. Hang on as there is a lot to be explored using magazine creator tool.

Just add a “Click here to watch video” button at any position and you will be able to enrich your publication, without having to change the publication you already have in print. For example, the space for a button is probably there, where space for a video player might not be. This is just one example of the available tools to create real great publications that could make an impact on your audience and grab more eyeballs.

Imagine the lucrative possibilities this tool can create for your advertisers! Create a captivating video advertisement, redirect a link to his website, put animating elements in his advertisement for catching the attention of your readers.

Besides the advertisers’ benefits, this tool is also great for your audience. You can balance between putting extra time in the digital publications or minimizing the extra effort for digital publications. Maximize with enrichment or stick to what you already have for your PDF version or print. You can choose the best out of multiple options. For instance, add some animations, links and some videos or just add minor additions enough to add value or enrich each page with lots of elements to maximize the enriched publication. Decide what suits you the best!

Your designers can make any change by themselves without asking any help from ePublisher. All features are described in the toolbox, next to the function. So, you can have easy, fast and a completely interactive publication created in a few minutes! Publishing comes hassle-free on ePublisher!