Do you want your customers to stay updated with your recently published articles/content? Switch to our publisher solutions. Push Notifications are for you – A lucrative feature that a publisher always dreams of. Have you ever wondered what’s the charming part of this handy feature? Well, push notifications directly land into your readers’ device screens. These notifications pop-up and convey your message even if their phones’ screens are locked. That means, sure shot exposure of your message without any miss. That matters in the business when you are aiming to grab more eyeballs for your business.

This tool is one of the most effective tools that helps to reach your audience in the quickest possible way. Almost 95% of the push notifications that you send to your audience screens, result in opening up of your application. Thus, the tool helps in making a strong bond with your customer as they will open your solution after seeing the push notification, flashing right there on their devices. Unleash the hidden potential of push notifications to drive more conversions for your digital publications.