Upload digital publications to ePublisher solution in the numerous formats. That’s the convenience of using ePublisher. We support f.e. PDF, EGRF, XML, RSS, MNF, RePub formats. Uploading process won’t consume your much time. It also depends on the size of your file and your Internet’s uploading speed. Add as many files as you want on ePublisher!

Uploading digital publications to ePublisher solution in the numerous formats comes like a breeze. The procedure to upload format varies among each format, however, stay assured that your content will be available to you in the correct way always. That’s the advantage of using ePublisher platform.

The PDF files will be available as a PDF viewer, In case, if you decide not to use the article extractor “clipping”, RSS will become available in the article viewer and so on. Each type of upload, regardless of their format, will be delivered in an accurate way to display the specific content. A thing worth appreciating. You can even ask for an Anti-combination. Do you wish to use a format that we haven’t described here? Just let us know, we are ready to take the challenge of importing any format of your choice to the ePublisher in the best possible way!

Want to import your all files automatically to ePublisher solution? We give you the leverage to import all files automatically. Or, you may even go for manual uploading of files to our platform, depending on what’s close to your preferences or company’s needs.