Kiosk Solutions For Multiple Brands From Multiple Publishers!

With powerful publishing Apps, ePublisher is a revolutionary platform that’s designed to handle all of your concerns about digital publishing. No matter how many multiple brands from multiple publishers are there, we can handle them all with our KIOSK Apps solutions. Now publish multiple brands of multiple publishers in just one solution. Giving your customers the best interface, categorizing and the ease of filtering are what we provide all the time. The solution will help them find anything at the click of a button, the simplicity of accessing that they won’t mind appreciating. They can also use optional filters such as “Latest Additions” and “Most Read” to locate digital publications as per their preference.

Publishers are provided with their own login account to the Kiosk Apps. They can upload and publish the content in the Kiosk on the release date using their login. Publishers can enrich the content using “The Creator” any time, if the need arises. Moreover, publishers can use their own ePublisher solution to publish in your KIOSK solution. This means, no need to publish one publication twice, no extra work for the publishers again and again. To avail this solution, you should better consider the advanced KIOSK solution.

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