The customer login system in the ePublisher solution is as comprehensive as you might expect from a leading digital publishing solution like this. Almost everything is possible. The level of customization possibilities is almost endless. Users do not even have to login if you, as a publisher, do not want that, but if you do, you can ask for almost anything you want. If you are already using a login, we can also connect this using APIs. So, our best efforts are to bespoke features to the level you desire.

Changing the login will change the content user sees, login can change the prices user sees, login can connect subscriptions, login can give some free access to the account, login can be connected to any subscription possible. That means, the access to user features can be controlled and monitored using different logins. Use them wherever you need to restrict user rights on ePublisher solution!

Creating a login can be facilitated on your website using one of the embed codes. For instance, it can be created using the Facebook/ LinkedIn login plugin, directly into your own system, using the API with a form in the application. This last option can determine whatever you want to ask to gain the data you need. The form will be automatically custom build it for you.

Practically, it’s not possible for us to define the full functions of the login system as they are extremely comprehensive in nature. However, we would like to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns in your mind. We are available round the clock to answer your queries about the solution, kindly do not hesitate to ask! Don’t be hesitated to ask about whether or not your desired feature can be available on ePublisher as we can work out on delivering out-of-box features to embark your digital publishing journey. We answer every question that publishers ask and in fact, this is what we have enjoyed doing since 2009. So, get in touch with us to set your feet in the digital publishing world.