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The Advanced Kiosk app with database publishing, also offer the possibility to add articles real time to the apps. These articles can be managed within the creator.

Although we often import these articles from an RSS feed, XML or SOAP connection from an existing database of the publisher. It is just as easy to add these articles to the app using the creator.

These articles will be shown in the layout of the app. To see how this works, see some of our database publishing apps in the portfolio.

The articles can be offered in multiple (business) models. Some examples are

  • Pay per article
  • Buy a fixed amount (f..e 20) articles prepaid
  • A few articles are free (every month or one time) after that users have to pay
  • Free categories and paid categories
  • Articles are free to download for magazine subscribers others have to subscribe or pay first

All these options can be combined and there are many more options if needed. Just ask you account manager if you need other options. It is probably already available and possible to manage.

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