Name app Elephant
Application Type Advanced kiosk + database publishing
Language Netherlands
Publisher name Elephant
Description Life through art: an Elephant manifesto

1. Elephant is a print magazine, an online platform and a physical project space
2. Elephant is a book publisher, a video maker and a events producer
3. Elephant believes that art is the best way to think about how we live today
4. Elephant likes to look
5. Elephant likes to have fun
6. Elephant is incorrigibly curious
7. Elephant wants to experience the best of contemprary culture as directly as possible
8. Elephant speaks the language of ordinary people
9. Elephant always remembers, but doesn’t spend much time looking over its schoulder. It wants to know: What’s new? What’s next?
10. Elephant turns everyday life into art
11. Elephant is not afraid of mice

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