Name app EOS Wetenschap
Application Type Advanced kiosk + database publishing
Language Netherlands
Publisher name EOS
Description Scientists must inform society about their research. The commitment cannot be free of obligation: it is important that everyone who supports science is resolute.

Science influences all aspects of our lives and helps us to face major challenges such as climate change, mobility, security, food security and aging.

The scientific method is the best way to understand the world. A critical eye, looking for scientific evidence, is the best weapon against charlatans, self-proclaimed experts and fanaticism.

Healthier food, better medicines, more powerful computers. The technical and medical knowledge that makes our lives easier and more bearable is not possible without a continuous stream of scientific research.

Governments are major sponsors of scientific research. It is therefore logical that researchers make their results available, both for colleagues who continue to build on it and for a wide audience…..

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