Name app EOS
Application Type Advanced kiosk + database publishing
Publisher name Cascade NV
Description With this EOS app, you can read all our titles:

– Eos weekly magazine (every Friday): free of charge
– Eos monthly magazine: 3,59 euro (shop price: 5,95 euro)
– Eos Psyche & Brain: 4,49 euro (retail price: 6,90 euro)
– Eos Memo (history): 3,59 euro (shop price: 4,95 euro)

With an advantageous digital annual subscription (39.99 euro) you will have access to all magazines in the app: now already 22 tracks Eos Magazine, 40 songs Psyche & Brain, 7 number Eos Memo and almost 100 songs Eos Weekblad.
Note: At this time, this version is not suitable for iPad 1.
More info: http://eoswetenschap.eu/app