Name app M&T
Application Type Advanced kiosk + database publishing
Language Netherlands
Publisher name Cascade NV
Description Motoren & Toerisme is a magazine adapted to the season of motorcycles and the most complete website for motorcyclists in the Dutch language area. The site is fast and practical. The breaking news is flanked by a complete description of all the engines that can be found on our roads. There is more time and space in the magazine to translate the atmosphere and feeling of motorcycling on paper, for example in travel reports or motorcycle tests.

Motoren & Toerisme was founded in 1992 and quickly became the largest motorcycle magazine in Flanders. Since 2018, Motoren & Toerisme no longer appears as a monthly magazine, but sometimes that is important for motorcycle enthusiasts. In this way the content of the magazine always remains fresh and relevant. You will always find news that should be launched faster on the site immediately.

The website is a continuation of, which has kept many motorcycle enthusiasts up to date on motorcycle news for many years. This news website received a major update and was complemented by a general description of all available engines in the Belgian and Dutch markets. Not only will you find the current year of the motorcycle, but also our rich archive that was built with the editions of the annual All Motors catalog. Through the collaboration with RouteYou, you will also constantly find the best variety of tourist routes on the site, which give you the desire to return to the chair as quickly as possible. Because that’s what it is about. To share stories and advice with like-minded souls, on paper or online. And enjoy what unites us. Freedom, as we only know it.

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