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ePublisher is the number one solution to publish digital magazines, books, newspapers, leaflets, catalogues, trade-magazines and more.
ePublisher offers complete digital publishing solutions. Be it digital magazines, newspapers, trade-magazines or anything else, we can publish all digitally. You don’t need to look anywhere else, our platform has everything a publisher typically needs. Publish your content using your own branded app and browser Kiosk under your name. Turn opportunities in your favor with highly bespoke custom branded apps and browser Kiosk. Reach every device your customer is using by asking for IOS, Android and web Kiosk apps from ePublisher. Use our publisher solutions to upload publications, edit and enrich them in a hassle-free way.

Feel free to add articles in the data publishing apps as and when you need. Send push notifications and let your audience know about your recently published content. Use powerful features available at ePublisher such as adding a bookshelf to your website, connecting to your own subscription systems and various others. ePublisher has become the need of publishers, be it small or established. Make the most out of this affordable and powerful digital publishing solution available by signing it up today.

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Clipping Services

Use the clipping service to extract all articles from PDF files. Store these articles separately from the PDF. The feature will enable the option to create a click layer in the PDF file. Read these articles in the article mode for a better reading experience ever.

Subscription Services

Subscribe to our services that will kick-start your dreams of getting published digitally in a hassle-free way. Our publishing solutions include a gamut of subscription plans, ranging from single brand solutions to Kiosk solutions. Make a strong bond with your audience by publishing content in your own branded app. Stay in the mobile screens with a logo of your choice. Get your own branded native apps and reach every device with advanced Kiosk solutions.

Data Warehousing

Get benefited from our exclusive data warehousing services tailored to your needs. We deliver comprehensive & customized data warehousing solutions that will help you make informed decisions. Our experience in offering end-to-end data warehousing solutions is vast and we know what it takes to deliver your project without fail.

Location Based Services/Pricing

Dealing with audiences who understand different language could be challenging if you operate globally. But ePublisher gives you liberty to change the language, pricing and even the content to meet the evolving needs of your customers. A leverage that will set your publishing experience to the next level. Set your prices according to the customer location, control everything on ePublisher for a rewarding publishing business experience ever.

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