Clipping Services!

Clipping services
Our clipping service is an extra service which can ensure that the readability of your content is even better and you can also earn extra money with your content in this way. This works as follows: You upload the PDF with us and we extract the articles here. This is done in a structured way so that you can reuse the articles. You thus receive an article database of your own content.

The articles can be added to your PDF as a click layer. In addition, you can also offer the items separately in any desired business model from your apps and / or web solution.

We can also forward the articles to third parties, such as MMOs, websites and your own CMS system. This can be in different formats such as an API, XML, JSON or any other format you want.

Because we store the data in a structured way, this can be reused in the length of days. So this is an ideal addition for your reader, but the editors also have a searchable database with all content. In addition to the fact that you can easily generate extra income by selling the items separately. We can also help you if you are interested. We have various partnerships in this area.

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