Subscription Services!

ePublisher offers multiple subscription services to support your business activities. Readers can get a subscription using the app stores or directly in the ePublisher system, by filling out a form. Or just simply connect them to the subscription system using the API. Subscription can be availed for any service, some of them are listed below:

  • All magazines from one brand from now onwards
  • All magazines from one brand from now onwards but also includes the already released latest version. (Digital audience typically expects immediate access)
  • All magazines from one brand from now onwards but includes the archive also
  • Multiple brands in one subscription
  • Prepaid a few magazines
  • Prepaid a fixed amount of articles (for example, 20 articles)
  • Fixed amount of articles on monthly basis
  • A few free articles and then the rest in an other model of your choice
  • One category of articles subscription and others free with it
  • Or whatever you can think of

Choose a gamut of options from our ‘Subscription Services’ and bring your publishing business to the front in the digital world. All subscriptions and subscribers can be easily managed and monitored in “the Creator”. You can keep track of the activities happening in “The Creator”. For instance, you can even see how many devices are being used, what is actually getting downloaded, when will the subscription end, etc. You can even create subscriptions right from the “The Creator”. Furthermore, you can also set and manage the specific rights without leaving “The Creator”. Unleash the full potential of ePublisher now.

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