Publishing Solutions

ePublisher brings complete online digital publishing solutions to your table. No matter you are, a magazine publisher or physical book publisher, we can unlock your business success by connecting you with the latest digital publishing platform that just works. Take a look at our rich portfolio that reflects our potential. Publishers can operate their business on ePublisher on almost any business model that they can imagine. Using ePublisher is a handful of benefits that you will experience right from the start. Sell your articles using article commerce, enrich your publications using “The Creator” and use powerful publishing tools to nurture your business. Love it? Get on-board with us!

ePublisher solution has been developed keeping your demands in front. Unique publishing solutions for unique needs, that defines us better. Do you want to operate as a single brand? Or have got multiple brands under your flagship? Or handle multiple brands from multiple publishers? ePublisher Solution covers it all! This is not the end, for ePublisher, the sky is the limit. You can order to customize any feature available on our solution just by paying an extra money. You can even opt for additional services for any solution like connecting to subscription services, importing & exporting of data, clipping services and so on. Check out the “Publishing Service” section to know more about these exclusive services. Explore our best of publishing solutions below:

Content flow

Digital magazines

When the whole world is going digital, then why not your physical magazines? Let’s transform your physical magazines to digital magazines to sell them across continents. Selling your online magazines on ePublisher feel like a breeze. Your readers can read and download your published digital magazines in any device. Giving you more exposure, more reach, bigger user base and eventually more returns on investments.

Digital newspapers

Publish your paper-based newspaper in the digital way. Revolutionary online newspaper publishing only on ePublisher to set your feet in the digital publishing world. The readers are not just located locally, but in the whole globe, waiting to get updated with the informative news that you publish on the daily-basis. We connect them with you to get exposure for your business. Operating on the ePublisher is as easy as counting 1, 2 and 3.

Document center

Store your documents on cloud at ePublisher solution where everything is crafted for your convenience. The documents that you store on “Document Center” are stocked and categorized in an appropriate manner. Finding the desired piece of content is a matter of a few minutes with the search tool provided. Store documents in digital formats like never before for a rewarding experience ever!

Article commerce

Sell your articles like never before. Use “Article Commerce” for a charming experience ever that will revolutionize the way you sell articles online. Use ePublisher solution for both purposes – distribute your articles physically or only sell online articles. Monetize your articles to generate more revenue, operate on any business model of your choice, ePublisher is all about your success!


Looking for an ultra-modern online book publishing platform that sets your feet in the eBook publishing? ePublisher brings you the best of the both worlds by offering you all those features that you can imagine for a hassle-free eBook publishing. Sell novels using our solution, with the ease of publisher friendly features such as categorization and content filtering, you will be all set to compete with the leading online publishers.

Corporate communications

This publishing solution is specifically designed for corporate communication. In some cases if content is very specific, some additional features can be added. The following elements are supported by default.

Custom apps

Turn opportunities in your favor by considering powerful publishing apps customized to meet the evolving needs of your publishing business. We create positive experiences for publishers using kiosk apps, designed to perform optimally, even if the technology changes. It would be the best for success-oriented publisher like you who are thriving to get best user experience for their audience.

E-Commerce platform for digital and Pysical publications

Use ePublisher solution to sell your digital and even physical publications, publishing redefined to achieve best of both the worlds. Use our eCommerce platform to sell your content to your audience flawlessly. Just focus on what you are good at – publishing content and let us handle the rest. Consider us your one-stop online shop to sell your published content!