Article Commerce! - Gain More Revenue With Your Articles!

ePublisher offers comprehensive publisher solutions at one platform. We have the article commerce solution for publishers who want to monetize their content through physical distribution of their digital content. The demand for digital content is growing steadier than ever, more and more publishers want to make money out of this lucrative opportunity by selling their content. We support the moneymaking dreams of every businessman by offering several business models.

If you are a publisher who just want to distribute the physical publication of your digital content, then we are equipped with every publisher tool that can help you monetize your content. Sell your articles conveniently in any business model that you prefer. Tag the articles with a price of your choice. Choose among free, paid, trial or any other business model. Check out more about business models here. ePublisher platform can run on almost any business model that you can imagine. However, check down some of the business models that are huge in demand!

Our ePublisher advertisement platform could also be utilized to gain revenue. One of the best publisher solutions ever to generate more money from your digital magazines using advertisements. For instance, article pop-ups can be shown to your PDF publications for helping you earn more money. All articles quickly adapt to the screen of your size and can be viewed on any device, regardless of the screen size.

Take a look below at the publishing solutions available on ePublisher:

Article views have responsive layouts and therefore look good on every device.

This publishing solution is available in the following types of the ePublisher solution

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