Corporate Communications!

Corporate communication plays a key role on ePublisher – The outstanding online publishing platform. We have worked strategically to improve every aspect of communication on our platform. Our publishing solution can accommodate additional features, if your content is very specific. Take a look below at the elements that are supported by default on our platform:
PDF Documents:

Upload PDF documents at the click of a button for a hassle-free PDF publishing. Enrich PDF docs using Creator. Use industry’s latest versions of PDFs, that’s the beauty of ePublisher that you won’t mind appreciating. Read your PDFs online or download them to your device and take them wherever you go!

Items or Articles:

Upload, update or delete your content, whenever you wish to. No longer need an article, news, message or any other published content on ePublisher? Delete or replace them with the new content in a hassle-free way.

Access Offline and Online:

ePublisher solution, the online publishing platform, is designed to give you access to the content in the both ways – online & offline. Choose to view your content online or download it to your device for use in the offline mode. Never get disconnected from ePublisher, regardless of the time on your watch!


Want to update your old content on ePublisher? No worries, replacing the old content with the new comes handy on ePublisher solution. The old files get automatically overridden with the new ones as you hit the update button. Means, you don’t have to clean the mess, the system will automatically take care of it.


Send push notifications to your audience whenever you publish a new content on the ePublisher solution. Customize when and how you want to send notifications to your customers. Invite them to be the first to take a look at your recently published content.

Filter And Search in Documents:

Wondering how your customers would locate your published files on ePublisher when their numbers reach to hundreds or even thousands? Need not to worry, just add filters to your search option to locate content easily on ePublisher. Every single file is carefully indexed internally and finding any of your content is pretty easy with the search bar provided.

GEO Locations:

Got multiple Geo-locations where you want to target your content? ePublisher operates globally and offers you the possibility of targeting multiple audiences from different Geo locations. Set your content-pricing based on locations. Let’s help publishers like you to make your content reach globally!

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