Custom Apps – Let Your Content Reach Every Device!

With the custom apps building, ePublisher has emerged as a front runner in the digital publishing world. We are here to align you with the digital technology that just works. The revolutionary custom apps that we develop are based on the existing technology. That means, as a digital publisher you can ask us for anything that you want. We want your business to stay ahead in the technology matters, our custom build applications solve this purpose. Our Kiosk apps have been designed to align your publishing business with the technology.

The best part of using our custom apps is that you will never have to struggle to build the applications from scratch and also without using the standard version of our system. What else? Well, our custom apps perform like a charm and automatically adapt to the changes for an optimal performance. The advantage of associating with Publisher is that we let you order the customization of apps to any desired level.

All the applications are ‘Native build’ which means they are written in the language that was meant for the devices it is build for. So it the solution is in 3 languages. The languages for IOS, Android and Web

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