Document Center – Store Your Documents At One Place!

ePublisher solution makes easy digital publishing a reality. Our document center can be seamlessly used for storing your documents. All of your documents will be categorized in such a way that you could track them all in the main groups in a hassle-free manner. With an added convenience of filters, you can simply control the documents to appear in the searches. So, locating the documents of your choice isn’t a big deal on ePublisher. That means, life is easy with ePublisher solution.

Search tool provided in ePublisher solution has been developed keeping your convenience at prime. Search option can be seamlessly used for the documents that are already downloaded to the device and also for the documents awaiting download in the solution. That means, covering everything that a publisher wants in the search bar. This is why content of all documents is made to index in the ePublisher database only. Once you download a document, it can be accessed offline anytime you want.

The login system is highly secured that won’t allow any unauthorized access to your documents in our easy digital publishing. The system offers publishers an option to force an update as soon as the document is updated. As you hit the update button, the system will override the old version with the latest version of that document. The old version will be automatically erased from the system memory, so you won’t see it there anymore. No more confusions, so no worries at all! Happy publishing at ePublisher!

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