Publish Your E-Books The Easier Way!

ePublisher solution is an ultra-modern online book publishing platform that makes the e-book publishing an easy stuff for publishers. Convert your e-books into interactive PDF formats and publish them digitally. Have hundreds of novels ready to digitally publish under your name? Categorize them hassle-free, add filters and search them at the click of a button. Any amount of books can be added to the solution and categorized in a proper way, so that your customers can find it without struggling. Got only one book for publishing? No worries, start selling one book on ePublisher and add more numbers to your publications as your business grows over time. Sell study books on ePublisher platform and make good money with it.

Publish as many study books as you want, enrich those all e-books with links & videos using “The Creator” option available on our online book publishing platform. Use ePublisher platform to pitch different study books to different user groups. Sell e-books as per the group preferences. Charge them for the single book, offer a specified set of books for free to newly signed-up publishers or a mix of both options, whichever suits you. Want more? Here is it. Sell your physical books in an addition to digital distributions in the web viewing module. Enjoy fully functional online shop for books, magazines as well as digital and physical publications.

To avail this solution, you may use the basic Kiosk solution. Use the advanced Kiosk solutions in case you have a long list of additional wishes.

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