S.P. Abonneeservice

S.P. Abonneeservice is a company that is completely specialized in subscription management. And that for more than 18 years. Therefore, may we rightly call a specialist.
Mp Subscriber service has software subscription management developed in-house, thus we can act quickly and fairly.

We will therefore go beyond the purely subscription management.

So we put on ……. your wishes. You are central to us.

With our software Quartz We currently manage more than 100 titles with 300,000 subscribers.

These blades are characterized by great diversity. Weeklies, monthlies, quarterly bulletins, irregularly appearing blades. Titles with a small or large quantities. We work not only for publishers but also for associations, foundations and charities.

In short, we are an all-round service provider for subscription management with a large and long experience.

Our software is already in the air, for many years since 1989 so, and it has proven its reliability over the years. The software is continuously adapted to modern requirements. With our packages Quartz and Webformdesign our software is fully ported to the Internet.

Because our software runs entirely on the internet can be a publisher anywhere ( “”Anytime Anywhere””) for your information. Also your subscribers can customize their data 24/7.

Our software is completely modular. This allows you as a publisher itself choose which service you use.

If you only want the customer contact via mp Subscriber service expire. No problem.
If you only want the webshop through mp Subscriber Service let expire? Of course it is!
Want to keep the customer in-house and outsource only the financial settlement?

Your wishes are central to mp Subscriber Service. Our software is there attributed entirely.

circulation Increase
One of our main goals is to increase your circulation. That is why we support all kinds of activities; trial subscriptions, welcome gifts, introductory discounts, follow-up calls, mailings, etc. But also at the back, with the terminations, we keep our finger on the pulse.

Journal Profile
We deliver complete reports. This gives you an insight into who you are subscribers. But we go further. Our reports are constructed such that you also get an insight into trends in your subscription file. In addition, our Quartz computer allows you to decide what you want to look back on your reports. Age, occupation, hobbies, sport … You tell us what you want to know your subscribers and we record it. In this way we build a blade profile on you. Tailored to your needs.

If you also sells many other items besides your magazine, such as books, CDs, calendars, tickets, etc., then you’ve mp Subscriber service to the right place. Our software is an integrated web shop. Because the shop and subscription management are housed in a single database, you can get the full value from your subscribers.

Nothing is more annoying for a subscriber when he has to wait for days or weeks after the notification on the first message. Or if his welcome present only gets much later. Mp Subscriber Service works with “”day service””. That means the subscriber will always receive by return response. Reports a new subscriber to the welcome letter and invoice will be sent to them by return; by mail or by post.Het magazine or welcome gift are as fast as possible to the subscriber on the mat.Onze experience is that this is a service that is highly appreciated by subscribers.

Internet, email, twitter, face book … .. All nice, but the phone remains important. Our team is your phone subscribers friendly (and knowledgeable!) To help you. But we can more. For example, we may record the phone outside office hours. We can also follow-up calls, eg. For the extension of a trial or by default.
Price quality
Our service is constructed such that it fully bends to your wensen.Wij enter the subscriber service according to your wishes. All correspondence we introduce your corporate identity. We integrate our subscription service in your own website, complete your look-and-feel. Dunning Terms, write texts, classroom activities; adjust everything is variable. As you want it.


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