Search in Total Kiosk Content (Also Not Downloaded)

ePublisher offers utmost convenience to your audience while they are searching for your online magazines or any other published content files in Kiosk app and Kiosk Browser. That means, one search to locate anything and everything in total Kiosk content. For us, publishers’ association matters a lot and offering your audience the best user experience stay on our priority list. The “Search” option is specially developed keeping your audience needs in the mind. The search results are highly accurate in relevant to the input of the audience.

Your audience will not only search in the content that they have already downloaded to their device, but will also in everything that you have uploaded to your account. This means that all files should be indexed in a database, so that your audience will know which publication to download/buy to get more information on the subject of his interest. This way older content will again get audience views as the audiences will be able to find articles of their interest again, without reading loads of irrelevant information. Experience today the simplicity of searching things in a flash that has been admired by many publishers using our platform, try your hands on it today!

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