Sometimes, your audience might be looking for a specific file in their mind on the ePublisher digital publishing solution. But have you ever wondered how would they locate that desired piece of content from the hundreds of files on your platform? Use the “Search” option to let your audience search their desired file in no time. Our ePublisher solution has been designed to keep things easy – be it about searching things on the solution or anything else. So, say goodbye to the inconvenience. Let your users enjoy the “Search Bar” for a hassle-free experience on ePublisher.

Your customer can search within all the publications and articles that are already downloaded to his device in a specific publication or an article or can search in one of the files that you, as a publisher, have added to your account. This last function means that your older content will become valuable again because your customer can search within the publications. All uploaded PDF files and articles are indexed in our databases, which enable the search function.