Stichting Kernvisie

Over the goal
The Foundation Core Vision aims to increase support for nuclear technology and its applications. Her communication are the bimonthly magazine Vision and Core website. Besides providing representatives of the foundation lectures and guest lectures. The foundation strives to make the information on nuclear technology accessible and appealing to its readers and website visitors. The website provides a structured way objective information about nuclear power and radioisotopes. This web site contains explanations, an explanatory dictionary of kenenergie and radiation (author: GC Uitert), reviews of books on nuclear power and a Power Point presentation.

The motivation

The Foundation Core Vision is concerned about the availability and supply of primary energy sources and also of medical radioisotopes. The Foundation believes that these issues are essential for the maintenance of adequate social stability, regional and global, medium and long term. In the Netherlands is still a lot of knowledge and expertise in the nuclear field present in international cooperation, the option to develop nuclear energy. That is certainly necessary for the energy and environmental problems, which are beginning to emerge, to solve in time.


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