Reed Business is part of one of the largest mediacompanies in the world, the RELX group. Reed Business publishes brands like Nextens, XpertHR, Boerderij, Elsevier and Zorgvisie.

ePublisher is their strategic partner in the digital publishing division. Multiple apps and browser kiosks have already been launched and many more are to follow. The subscription-system as well as the system to add publications has been connected to ePublisher. This makes it very easy for editorials to publish digital content, besides their physical publications.

ePublisher is Reed Business’ (business) partner since 2014 and the first brand that was published by ePublisher was Elsevier. The Elsevier advanced kiosk app with database publishing is a very successful case.

Besides smartphone and tablet apps, ePublisher also facilitates the browser kiosk for many brands of Reed Business. The browser kiosk has been connected to the access conditions of the subscription system of Reed Business.

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