SP Abonneeservice is a company completely specialized in subscription management for over more than 12 years. They do nothing else! Therefore, they consider themselves entitled to call a specialist.

SP Abonneeservice manages subscriber registrations for publishers and creates the membership records for associations and foundations. SP Abonneeservice’s vision and policy  are based on a number of core values;

  • Reliable we handle your subscriber records fast, fair and orderly manner.
  • Accurately we are extremely careful in introduction and changes in your administration.
  • Transparent we give the publisher access to all our operations and financial settlements.

SP Abonneeservice represent over a 100 brands and choose ePublisher as their strategic partner for their apps and browser kiosks. The subscription system “Quartz” has been connected to the ePublisher subscription system.

Therefore all clients of this innovative subscription service can use the ePublisher  apps and browser kiosk instantly. Their subscribers can login to the ePublisher solution and get access without doing anything extra.

SP Abonneeservice is offering the ePublisher app for free to their customers. Publishers will only pay for the use of it.

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